12 Reasons why you should travel the World

1.It’s outside your comfort zone

What is traveling if not leaving order and moving towards the unknown ?! How far into the unknown are you wiling to go depends only on you: you are going to places where you don’t speak the language and people don’t know who you are. That’s why many people never go to new places! They explored one place  with which they comfortable and they repeat that visit. Please consider this next time you decide to go somewhere.

2. It helps you escape the routine

Sometimes we use traveling as a way to break our behavioral patterns when we feel too many days look the same. We plan trips ahead of time and space them out through out  the year so you always have new one to look forward to.

3. Traveling is a more advanced form of education

Do you want to get smarter quicker? Go exploring! Traveling is like condensed education: so many skills and new form of interconnected knowledge merge together in a travel experience! Traveling is the way to make sense of history, geography and of international events which others only study in school books. This type of experimental knowledge allows this information to stick around a lot longer.

4. You get to know new people and heir their stories

Despite of beeing connected more than ever, hard to make new friends and expand your network. Traveling is the perfect opportunity for this: both parties atcively want to expand their networks with people from different places around the world. Just talk to people and they gladly tell you their story of their lives and how they ended up being the person they are today. You will find out the story! And this in an authentic form that will probably make you wish to stay in touch in the future. The last thing you want, when coming back from a trip, is to have had never spoken to anyone new! Of course, the second, after the wish to stay there for longer.  😉

5. The food is amazing

Life is too short to eat the same type of food every day. It’s a great loss not to explore the food culture of the world. Food is a special sensory experience that literally brings a part of the new environment inside your body! What’s more personal than that?!? Some of my best experiences I had were around eating, for then people are themselves. Food has this effect on people, and around food is one of the rare moments when they take their mask off.

6. Traveling makes you realize how much you do not know

The longer you travel, the more you understand how closed minded you are living. The world is so vast and full of teachings and stories that you might never know. The beauty of life also comes from expending your horizon, whatever form that might take! This might sound strange to some of you, but the more you explore, the more you realize how complex life is, and sometimes I find it difficult to understand that most people will never get that perspective. But it’s not your case 😉

7. It’s de-stresses you

Life is very complicated and charges us strongly, especially since we are putting a huge pressure on ourselves. Despite you justifying the importance of whatever it is you are stressing about at the moment, the world keeps on spinning in a major disregard of our minuscule existence. Traveling provides you a safe exit from that. It makes you a passenger in other people existences, instead of your existence as the driver of your own life.

8. You make memories

Memories create your only fortune to which time passes its value. At some point in life, we all wake up only with the memories we hold. So it might be well to invest in them. Those who have traveled have stories to tell because they’ve lived, they’ve seen places, they’ve met people. Life happened to them! And these memories are even more valuable when shared with the loved ones, because memories are the underlined bond of true relationships.

9. Freedom to travel is the new measurement of success

Who cares how much money you have in the bank if you’ve never seen the world ?! Who cares what your cash flow is if you are nor able to leave he country because the government forbids it ?! Freedom to travel has become the new measurement for the new rich. The world is your playground and you need to start playing in it if you want to feel wealthy!

10. Travele forces you to be more social

In this digital world, people have become terribly boring. They lack of personality because they no longer go out to form one! Because of their indoor existence, the personality is formed based on the same patterns provided by the Internet: people laugh at the same jokes, watch the same TV shows, they order the same types of clothes from the same online shops. The risk of not being you, but the product of campaigns / companies is huge! The antidote to all of this: real life conversations! Traveling teaches you to be social, to talk to people you do not know and learn from them.

11. It increase your problem solving skills

Want to get better at life? Travel! Inevitably you will be faced with situations where you’ll need to be quick on your feet, to get creative in problem solving and figure out how to get yourself out of a difficult position. All this makes you a more resourceful individual, becoming more self confident, with side benefits in whatever you’re planning to do in the future. By its nature, life is cyclic; only the details change!

12. Travel is a better investment than more material things

I take experiences over another set of clothes any day! Some investments you do for your financial portfolio, which is meant to secure your freedom, while others you do for your soul! Everything else is just an expense!

Instead of closing, the 13th (lucky) reason for me is self-discovery! Traveling makes you face new reactions, springing out of contact with an unfamiliar environment. Our everyday life has turned into a routine and our behavior is already polished by daily circumstances. Exploring new places, new habits, helps me reconnect to my real self, to who I am, to my true desires and feelings. I hope it’s the same for you!