About me

My name is Elena Scutaru, I am 38 years old and I welcome you! If you’re already here, it means we have a common passion: traveling! I do not know when this bug caught you, but I realized I have it before I turned 30, when I decided that my birthday would not find me in the country. I’ve traveled before, but on the style of a week of work leave. Work meant, at that time, too many hours and too many days spent in large advertising agencies.

As everything had become linear at work, I said yes, at some point, to a start-up proposal. For reasons beyond my control, it didn’t work out at that time, but I did not give it up.  This idea has begun to take even deeper roots in the last 3 years. Meanwhile, I started a new job, also in the field of marketing and communication, but this time with an NGO.

And so, among the books of fiction, personal development, spirituality, dance, cats and shoes, I began to gather, one by one, pages in my travel book. And as life is a journey, I dare to say that I have just begun to really write in the book of life. And now start a new chapter with you! 😊

PS: I am a graduated The Economics Academy (ASE) – Accounting! This detail falls into the category of mysteries, at least for me. Something I understood though: I’m a friend of the figures 😉 It helps me to ad up, pages …